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Midas Closure: Reasons & Pivot to CeDeFi
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Yield Automated Portfolios (YAPs)

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Earn passive income (up to 13.1% APY) while holding a portfolio of your favorite assets.

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Rewards for YAP holdings are paid daily and in kind (i.e., SYAP holdings earn daily yield rewarded to you in SYAP), and there are no lock ups required.

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Each YAP is designed with a diversified strategy suited for multiple market conditions.

What are Yield Automated Portfolios?

The YAP is a first of its kind cryptocurrency investment opportunity! Each YAP holds a basket of select assets tailored for a different strategy. By investing in a YAP, you can take advantage by:
• earning attractive returns on each of these investments
• weathering market volatility through Midas' monthly rebalancing approach
• hedging your returns on any single asset by diversfying into a basket of assets
Yield Automated Portfolios
Monthly rebalancing

Monthly rebalancing

Optimise returns through the distribution of profits
hodl and earn

and earn

Each YAP is comprised of real assets intended to achieve long-term price appreciation and regular payouts
passive crypto income

passive income

Yield is paid daily and in kind, allowing investors to build onto their existing YAP positions
ETH icon
Ethereum (ETH)
MIDAS token icon
Midas (MIDAS)
LINK icon
ChainliNk (LINK)
FTM icon
Fantom (FTM)
AVAX icon
BNB icon
Binance coin (BNB)
DAI icon
CVX icon
Convex FINANCE (cvx)
crypto portfolio
Token allocation in each DeFi YAP share
medium risk icon
high reward icon
High reward


The DeFi YAP includes tokens for some of the most innovative projects in the DeFi space and gives investors the opportunity to optimise returns and long-term asset growth by investing in DeFi.
DeFi YAP icon
13.1% APY
low risk
Low risk
medium reward
Medium reward

Stable YAP

If boosting return while holding a more stable long-term investment is your preference, a Stable YAP may be suited for you. The Stable YAP includes BTC, ETH, and USDC and has proven to be a more stable portfolio despite adverse market conditions!
Stable YAP icon crypto portfolio
13.1% APY
BTC icon
BITcoin (btc)
ETH icon
ethereum (eth)
USDC icon
MIDAS token icon
Midas (MIDAS)
crypto portfolio
Token allocation in each Stable YAP share
BITcoin (btc)


Midas (MIDAS)


horizen (zen)


energi (nrg)




divi (divi)






Token allocation in Masternode YAP portfolio

HIGH risk
MEDIUM reward

Masternode YAP

Generated aggregated returns from the top coins running masternodes. With an investment split across eight coins rebalanced on a weekly basis, MN YAP can take advantage on quick market movements associated with the masternode market

25.8% APY

rebalancing crypto portfolio

What is Monthly Rebalancing?

portfolio equalizing

Equalize your portfolio

Our experts take advantage of natural market swings by securing profits from overvalued tokens and reinvesting into undervalued tokens to sustain long-term growth
returns optimization

Optimise returns

Backdated testing reveals an unquestionable outperformance of each rebalanced YAP versus an unbalanced YAP
crypto asset management

Automated asset management

The Midas team handles monthly rebalancing so that you don't have to. It's as simple as holding and earning!

How to get started in a YAP Strategy?

register with Midas

Register with Midas in a few clicks

Use Discord or Gmail to create an account
swap to YAP token

Swap to your preferred YAP token

Use Midas' swap feature to swap into your desired YAP
track balance

Track your balance on Midas' platform

YAP monthly rebalancing and performance can be found in the #yap-club channel in our Discord

Swap or withdraw any time

YAPs have no lockups and may be swapped out at any time


Create an account in just a few clicks

Use your Gmail or Discord account to get started.

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