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MIDAS token metrics

Volume (24 hours)
Market cap
Circulating supply
Current price

Stake MIDAS token and

Earn 27.4% APY

Generating rewards for its stakeholders every day, MIDAS token is built on the Fantom network and has a total supply of 5,000,000 tokens.

$30 million
Total value of MIDAS staked on Midas.Investments
2,600 users
Staking MIDAS on the platform
MIDAS tokens staked on Midas.Investments

MIDAS token utility

Payout Split

Midas performs regular buybacks of MIDAS token from the open market equal to 10% of the total rewards paid to the Midas community.



Midas' team will regularly launch farming activities on third party, decentralized exchanges to allow for the community to earn higher APR rewards for staking MIDAS token in liquidity pools.

APY Boost

Users who elect to receive rewards in MIDAS token can earn an extra 3-4% APY; MIDAS tokens may be swapped at any time.

How we support MIDAS token

MIDAS token liquidity on DEX
MIDAS token buybacks

How to buy
MIDAS token


Make a deposit

For clarity, we will show examples with FTM

Deposit any supported crypto asset (20+) onto Midas' platform


Open MIDAS' token share

Within the MIDAS token share, click “Swap”


Make a swap

Swap your crypto to MIDAS token and start earning 27.4% APY

Go to the platform ->

Frequently asked questions

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