Earn up to 150% each year
from a one-time investment
in Midas.Investments growth

To activate Burn-out you need to buy 300 Midas coins.

Midas coin price = $2.62107

Accepted here

  • Transparent
  • Profitable
  • Forever



    74,242.75 MIDAS


    254,939.75 MIDAS

How it works

After enabling Burn-out you receive a part of every next Burn-out forever.
The demand for this feature is backed up by regularly increasing amount of utilities, such as airdrops.
300 Midas is split in this proportions:
  • 255 MIDAS

    Midas is distributed amongst investors,
    who activated Burn-out

    For every new Burn-out activation everyone receives a payout.
    That way our investors earn from the release
    of our new features, our marketing campaigns and community increase.

  • 45 MIDAS

    Midas is burning

    Those coins are sent to the generated
    address without the possibility to be withdrawn.
    Burning coins reducing total coin supply, increasing their long-term value and price.

Accepted here

Benefits of Burn-out


Lifetime payments

Earn Midas every day
for the rest of your life.


Easy withdrawal

You can withdraw funds to your Midas share anytime
to earn masternode rewards on your payments.
Or you can swap Midas to BTC on Midas.Investments
or any other exchange.


Regular airdrops

Each Burn-out investor participates in Airdrops
that we make each week distributing coins
that are listed on Midas.Investments


Extensional project growth

We expect you to double your Burn-out investment
in three months with the current growth rate.
Midas.Investments has been almost two years
on the market and we have a lot more
innovative solutions coming.

Accepted here


Frequently Asked

If you have any questions,
you can find the answer here,
message the online-support or ask on social medias.

What is Burn-out?

Burn-out is the second level of Lock-in feature that allows you to receive dividends from the platform’s growth. Each time someone is activating Burn-out you receive a portion of it. The demand for Burn-out is backed up by additional utilities, such as regular airdrops.

How does Burn-out work?

Once you purchase Burn-out for 300 Midas, half of it is getting burned, reducing the total amount of Midas coins. 255 Midas is split between everyone, who purchased Burn-out before. Burn-out grants access to extra features that are not available to regular users. The amount of features will increase with further developments. Currently, airdrops will be distributed amongst Burn-out users.

Does Burn-out have a pyramid structure?

In it’s core Burn-out indeed has a pyramid structure. We picked this mechanic to reward investors, who were with us from the start. Netherless, our goal is to make Burn-out the outstanding instrument by it’s own, even without dividends. That way our pyramid structure backed up by the real utility instead of speculations.

How can I purchase Burn-out?

You can purchase the instruments by Bitcoin using our InstantBuy feature. It will generate the address and BTC amount required. Just send it to the address and after one confirmation the feature will be unlocked. It is easier to purchase the whole amount, 300 Midas, right away to activate both features.

What are the benefits of activating Burn-out?

You will receive lifetime payments each day for everyone who activated Burn-out afterwards, the ability to invite new users and earn from their Burn-out directly, regular airdrops from new listed coins.

How rewards are calculated?

Each Burn-out is split between investors and burning address. The ratio is changing according to the inner formula. For each 10 participants the percent of distributing coins is increasing on 5% until it reaches 50% of each Burn-out activation. After this the increasement happens each 50 participants until it reaches 75%. In the end, 75% of each Burn-out will split between investors.

How Burn-out benefits Midas coin?

Burn-out allows to fight with Midas coin emission by adding more utilities and creating the mechanism to substaintionally take Midas coins out from circulation.

How does referral link work?

For each user that registered using your referral link and activated Burn-out you will receive a part from it.

Where does Midas get coins for Burn-out?

Midas.Investments maximises the use of our innovative InstantBuy feature. We use the Bitcoin from each buy of Burn-out to provide buy support on exchanges for Midas coin. Coins bought on exchanges are transferring to the total fund.

Referral program

The reward for the invited referrals is 150 MIDAS

Invite new users to the platform and receive 150 Midas each time they activate Burn-out!
We will add 150 Midas immediately after your referral activates Burn-out.
The referral link is available in the personal area to all who have Burn-out activated.
If you want to get a referral link without activating Burn-out, click the button below.
Learn how to receive a referral link