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Diversify your portfolio, and invest in masternodes starting from one coin to receive instant shares proportional to your investment.

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Midas aims to create a complete masternode ecosystem.

The masternode investment process has three steps:
  1. 1. Analysis
      The investor should make a research on coins and choose the best to invest in. The masternode market is full of scams and low-value projects; therefore, it is essential to analyze all aspects of coins carefully. New investors could have a lack of understanding of what separates the tremendous masternode coin from the typical scam. The Midas goal is to provide analytical and educational services to help investors make the right choices. The automated coin rating accomplishes this. Moreover, the Midas team create educational content on YouTube and MN.Investments about how to choose the masternodes to invest. That way the investor that does not know what masternode are can make effective financial decisions and earn money on masternodes.

  2. 2. Receiving rewards from masternodes.
      Midas.Investments have all the instruments for maximizing the profits from the masternodes investment. All coins presented on the platform have an instant share feature, which means an investor does not need to wait anytime for getting his coins into the masternode. The coins start to generate profit immediately. Withdrawals are instant also. You are in control of your coins. Reinvestment is another excellent feature that allows earning coins with a compound interest rate. In long-term the investor who uses reinvestment get up to 300% more coins than the one who does not.

  3. 3. Buying and selling coins.
      The investor should face low volume exchanges to buy wished coins. That makes it harder for the new investors to come in masternode market. The exchanges are filled with fake volumes, lack of liquidity and potential buyers. By using Midas.Investments platform the investor has a feature to buy and sell coins directly through the platform with one click. Additionally, an investor can choose to sell all his rewards immediately to receive BTC. That system is called "BTC in - BTC out," which means that you invest BTC on the platform and receive BTC from rewards daily. Summing up, Midas.Investments is educating investors on how to make money on the masternode market and provide all required instruments for that, which makes Midas.Investments the main masternode brand on the market even before the new crypto-bull run.


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The largest masternode investment communityBecome involved with other like-minded investors who share your crypto and masternode passion
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24/7 supportThe professional team backing Midas is ready to answer your questions and ensure a great investment experience
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Fully automated investmentsTake the stress out of masternode investments and management. The fully automated Midas platform allows you to tailor your investment experience to you